Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI 3 – IFMAR World Champion

The Inferno TKI 3 is part of the greater Inferno family of racing buggies that has won the IFMAR World Championship a staggering Eight times! And this particular model is said to be the most advanced 1/8 Inferno nitro buggy yet.

The Inferno TKI 3 is part of the greater Inferno family of racing buggies that has won the IFMAR World Championship a staggering Eight times! And this particular model is said to be the most advanced 1/8 Inferno nitro buggy yet. This Readyset model challenges the preconception that high-end models can only be run by expert drivers. With the Inferno TKI 3, which comes professionally assembled with engine pre-installed, it is pretty much unbox and go! The engine comes with a recoil starter, so a separate starter will not be necessary. It comes with a pre-installed 2.4GHz radio unit which includes an LCD screen to allow for precise setting adjustments and management.

For a high-end advanced RC model, this buggy comes quite easy on the pocket and with the same guaranteed reliability as other nitro buggies of its class. So how did the manufacturers keep the cost so low? They replaced machine cut aluminium with punched aluminium in almost all metal parts, which delivers the same good quality at a cheaper cost. More than 60% of its components are manufactured in Japan, known for its pedantic obsession with good quality industrialisation. This model is great for beginners, especially those new to nitro engines. It is easy to run and maintain, making it an absolute thrill to drive and race offroad.

Readyset box contents

The Inferno TKI 3 comes preinstalled and assembled straight from the factory. No assembly is necessary. Perhaps what you will need to do after unboxing to get it ready to run is to oil the air filter and add fuel to the fuel tank and you will be ready to break in and run your buggy. It comes with:

  • Factory assembled chassis installed with R/C system Printed pre-cut body complete with coloring
  • Pre-installed KE21R engine with rear exhaust
  • Polished tuned muffler Syncro KT-331P transmitter 1.5
  • 2, 2.5mm Hexagonal wrench Cross wrench (small) 17mm Wheel wrench
  • Extra spares and accessories

You’ll need to purchase the following in order to operate this buggy:

  • Fuel
  • AA x 8 alkaline batteries – four for transmitter, four for receiver
  • Glow plug igniter
  • Fuel bottle – 500cc recommended

The TKI 3 comes with a colourful design printed on the body and wing. Even its mud guards and wheels come with the same design print on them. It comes in white and green, and red and black prints. The body comes pre-cut, and simply requires to be mounted on the body.

The new design of the aluminium rear hubs shortens the suspension arms, creating more reactive wheel movements and improving traction.

The buggy comes with high strength, rigid dish wheels which ensure that no dirt or mud is caught in the treads. The outcome is longer lasting wheels that n navigate the toughest off-road conditions.

The 2.4GHz receiver delivers stable control response and features a failsafe function which makes the buggy slow down or halt if signal is lost or battery dies.

Aluminium bore shocks enable you to adjust spring tension and chassis height.

Extra features

  • Shaft drive that comes with three differentials in a full time 4WD chassis
  • High speed and high torque servos
  • Heatsink brake disc that works with the centre diff to ensure stability control from beginning to end of the race
  • Mud guards and concave side guards prevent dirt from entering chassis
  • Large air filter that extends use and enables you to run longer between maintenance breaks

User reviews

The main thing that most users can agree on is that the Inferno TKI 3 is a very hardy race buggy and can be run every day with the same consistency in quality. It has got a comfortable remote unit that is lightweight and offers great controls. Good quality fast servos are also well appreciated.

Some users say they run the buggy with 30% instead of the recommended 20% nitro fuel, and it runs great. The punched aluminium parts are solid and sturdy, and replacements are easy to find in online stores.

However, they bottom of the chassis is black, which get scratched up pretty fast and ends up looking cheap and dirty.

Most parts of the MP9 TKI 3 RTR are interchangeable with the MP9 kit.

Our verdict

This buggy is great for RC beginners, especially if you’re new to nitro buggies and vehicles. It is great off-road, with amazing speed and stability. It really competes heavily with other high-end RTR buggies in its class, and at a cheaper price. Overall, this buggy offers great value for money.