Losi RTR 1/8 8IGHT 4WD Nitro Buggy

The Losi® 8IGHT Nitro Buggy RTR is the right place to begin if you’re looking to get serious about competitive buggy racing. This buggy comes completely assembled, needing only to be unboxed and fuelled to get started. It is equipped with the explosive power of the Dynamite® .21 nitro engine, while the Spektrum™ DSMR® radio system provides precision control. You’ll also enjoy the preset suspension geometry that is used by team drivers on their 8IGHT buggies. As you gain more confidence, you can always upgrade your specs using the many 8IGHT optional parts.

The 8IGHT™ racing platform has won multiple titles both nationally and internationally. This RTR version therefore packs a punch and gives anyone eager to venture into buggy racing all they need to get started and be a successful competitor, right out of the box.

In the box

This buggy comes fully factory assembled, so you do not need to get your tool box. You can run it almost immediately after purchase. The box is light weight, and its components are highlighted below;

  • 8IGHT 4WD Nitro Buggy RTR
  • Spektrum DX2E DSMR® transmitter
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Dynamite 1600mAh 6V NiMH receiver pack
  • 4-Way Cross Wrench
  • Bind Plug

What to buy separately to complete assembly

  • 20-30% Nitromethane fuel
  • Nitromethane-Approved Dispenser
  • NiMH Charger
  • Glow Igniter

Key features of the Losi 8ight Nitro buggy

This buggy comes with a range of exciting features designed to make it a joy to drive for the eager new nitro race driver.

  • 4mm T-6 aluminum chassis plate
  • Gen III radio tray for longer servo life
  • Dynamite .21 nitro engine with pull start
  • Pre-set suspension geometry
  • Metal-gear transmission and sealed differentials
  • Center and rear dogbones
  • 15mm adjustable oil-filled shocks
  • SpektrumTM waterproof metal-gear servos


The Gen III radio tray works well with the 4mm T-6 aluminium chassis with ball bearing linkages to prolong steering and throttle servo life. The chassis plate has been built to withstand rough bashing and resist wear and tear.

Monster power

The buggy’s Dynamite .21 nitro engine packs a mighty punch, giving you the push you need to be one of the great racers, right out of the box. The engine comes with a pull starter, so no need for a separate starter box. The large fuel tank has a maximum capacity of 120cc.


A metal-gear transmission and sealed differentials enable your buggy to last long and ride hard through rough conditions.


These enhance bump handling in the buggy’s rear, as well as prevent friction in the CV coupler.

Suspension geometry

Pre-set in the factory, the suspension geometry matches what professional drivers use, so you can feel confident as you hit the track. Your performance will remain consistent from race to race because of the buggy’s fixed length turnbuckles.

What other users think

First impressions for most reviewers are that this buggy is the most race ready RTR car they have encountered. It comes with so many tuning options. It even comes with shock shaft boots!

This buggy can withstand an amazing amount of bashing in really rough tracks and paths. During a test drive to see how well it holds up, it gave a stellar performance, coming out with just a few nicks in the front bumper and no damage to the shocks. Only the bottom of the chassis sustained quite a number of scrapes and scratches, but if you are just the regular basher, this should not worry you. The suspension stayed just right.

One suggestion was to tune the buggy’s droop screws depending on where you are driving it. For the race track, no need to change anything, but if you are going bashing, turn the droop screws to ensure suspension travels all the way and is not too limited.

However, the radio does not have as many options on it as the 2.4GHz transmitter that comes with the Traxxas trucks. For example, you are unable to dial in/out to know how much throttle the servos give.

Our verdict

We think this is a great buggy for eager beavers trying to get to the front of the line and build a name for themselves in the buggy racing fraternity. And the price is just right for this product.